Who am I?


This game is not only a game that will make your students practise speaking starting from A1 level, but also an ice-breaker. In my classes it has never failed to keep my students engaged.  

Aim: to let students practise question formation after it has been pre-taught, to boost students’ confidence when speaking, to eliminate errors in question formation

Group: 2 – 8 ppl

Level: A1-B1


Sue got the paper that says ‘Micheal Jackson’ on her paper. She cannot see the paper, because she is holding it in front of her. The rest of the group can see the paper and the name of her friend. Sue starts the game by asking ‘Is my friend a man?”. The answer to this question is ‘yes’, so she continues – ‘Does my friend like singing?’. Again the answer to the quiestion is ‘yes’. The game continues till the negative answer appears and then the next person in the group starts asking questions about her/his friend and so on.


How to go about it?

1. Give each student a piece of paper about A4 size.
2. Ask each student to think of a very famous person that everyone in the group should know.
3. Ask students to note down their ideas on paper and hand it to you, so that no one else will see.
4. Give each student one (but not his/her own) paper and ask students to hold it in front of them, so that they cannot see the paper they were given.
5. Each person is a different famous person and wants to guess whom they are. One person starts with a ‘yes or no’ question about her/himself like: ‘Am I a woman?’. If the answer to the question is ‘yes’, the same student can ask the second question.The same student continues to ask questions untill s/he gets a ‘no’ answer.
6. The game continues till everyone finds out who they are.


Note: Teacher should correct mistakes, but also make students aware that they help the whole group progress – make students aware of their usefullness.


– It is possible to play this game also with professions.
– The set of ready examples can be prepared before and students can draw from the set of it.
– The game can be also used to teach 3rd person singualar irregularites – in this combination students are told that the person from the paper they recieved is their best friend. An example:


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